JFCERT - Jupiter Farms Community Emergency Response Team - Jupiter Farms, Florida

Jupiter Farms Safety Day 2005

On Saturday May 21, the first annual Jupiter Farms CERT Safety Day was an overwhelming success! Some 350 or more residents from the Jupiter Farms area came by to enjoy the displays, presentation, demonstrations and fine barbeque on one of the most beautiful days of the year. The event was held at the Sheriff’s Sub Station location at the Town and Country Ranch.

Our Thanks to the Sponsors, Participants
& JFCERT Committee and Support Members

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Abacoa Fund Raiser
June 2004 Drill
SAR Substation Drill
Safety Day 2005
Microchips for Animals
JFCERT Team and Other Assorted Pictures
  • A Buck and Up Dollar Store
  • Blondie’s Bar and Grill
  • Company “C’ Hair
  • County Liquors
  • City Discount Beverage
  • D&J Pool Supply
  • Dry Dock Grill
  • H2O of Jupiter
  • Jupiter Farms Pizza
  • Jupiter Farms Lawn Equipment
  • Jupiter Nails
  • Setti’s Restaurant
  • Baubles by Molly
  • Publix
  • Town & Country 
  • Feed and Supply
  • Wal-Mart
  • Terri’s Home Made Flan


  • Barricade Fire Blocking Gel
  • WJTW Hometown Radio
  • Home Depot Kids Workshop
  • Florida Power & Light
  • Jupiter Farms CERT
  • Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group
  • Florida Division of Forestry
  • Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff
  • Sheriff Rick Bradshaw
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s
  • Department Eagle Helicopter
  • Palm Beach County SWAT
  • Armored Personnel Transport Unit
  • Palm Beach County K-9
  • Cruiser Unit and Patrol Vehicles

JFCERT Safety Day Committee

  • Scott Bayer
  • Joni Bellamy
  • Rich Christiansen
  • Maaret Delman
  • Sharon & Bob Edson
  • Rich Garcia
  • Andrea Kola
  • Chrystal Kola
  • Nicole Kola
  • Fred Lambert
  • Burt Moreschi
  • Frances Mullane
  • Felicity Simpson

Supporting Members

  • Jane Beattie
  • John Bellamy
  • Kathy Fahey
  • Greg Hepler
  • Kathy Loch
  • Craig Peters
  • Doug Samuelson
  • Sue Sigrist
  • Jim & Judy Spillman
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